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Jenae Noonan

Meet Jenae Noonan, aka Nea nea. Born on December 9th somewhere in Cali, her hometown is Pomona. She’s White, stands 5’6″ at ??? lbs with lovely Green/Blue eyes and Red hair, measurements 34C-24-36

Jenae loves guys who are tall, dark, and handsome, someone with a good personality, likes to work on cars or knows about cars, can dance (guys, better practice your moves), and knows how to have a good time.

She disgust guys who are drama queen, concede boys or anyone that knows LESS about cars than her. On her spare time, she loves dancing, playing soccer, working with the kids, listening to live music or simply going out.

Jenae’s favorite food is basically anything Mexican, her favorite colors are Red, Black and Silver. She loves to read Cosmo stuff, FHM, Blender, Import Tuner, Honda Tuning, and Maxim. Her favorite movies are Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Interview with the Vampire, Girl Interrupted, Save the Last Dance, and Center Stage. Her favorite music are all types and things she likes are music, a fast car, and friends (yes it’s a thing don’t argue)

Her dream vacation is a trip around the world and her dream cars well, for so many different reasons, realistically she would prefer a high compression LS VTEC fully built that can run low 11s or 10s from prostreet import.

Her ambitions are to become a child Psychologist for deaf children and to model a long as she can.

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Jenae Noonan is now a Sports MMA National Champion and bronze medalist that had the honor to represent the United States in the World games. With her extensive background in MMA (mixed martial arts) She wrote a number 1 best selling book called “Fighter: Living Life Like a Champion” using those experiences in the cage as references to demonstrate how to have passion, drive, purpose and power in every day life. She is also the co-founder of Stay Safe LLC where she uses her MMA skills and motivational speaking to teach women and children of all ages how to “stay safe” in their environment. Jenae is a certified life coach with Kim Sommer-Eglesee 10+ life coaching, specializing in self esteem, confidence, fitness, weight loss, focus and motivation, relationships and much more.

She is also a physical fitness expert who will show you how increasing physical strength and learning empowering safety skills can boost confidence and enhance inner strength. She helps with revealing drive, passion, belief in one’s self and respect for ones self. Being an MMA champion she uses these experiences in and out of the cage to motivate people in achieving their own personal victories.

She specializes in personal and child development and inspirational/motivational speaking. She is also a parenting advisor and behavioral modification specialist with a background in child psychology and child development, with over 10 years of experience

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Photos by Ben Hyatt and Dion Wong

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